Dutch Auction ~ Everybody wait for 5$ to buy key !

ok, i just though , it’ll be better for everyone to just wait till 5$ for the key , so let’s do it !

Better for everyone or just you?
I just bought a key for $62.95, what you gonna do?

That’s never going to happen.

It’s not about getting the lowest price, it’s about who wants the game the most and who wants to support a great indie team

If you can’t afford getting it for $40, just wait until a fixed price is announced.
This type of auction is probably the smartest thing ever done for an indie game

That’s not going to help you. Whether someone buys at $50 or $5, isn’t going to increase your chance. Once it gets to $5, it’ll probably go so fast, you are likely to miss it because there’s a mad rush. What this auction format does is allows those willing to pay more to get ahead of the line, and not have to wait or take a chance. Once those few people are cleared, it’s open for you and everyone else. And as the price gets lower, the faster the keys go.