Duty Beyond Death

Heh, just felt like posing something.


Tips off to Nirrti for the editing, everyone.

Bam, Looks nice edit :smug:

Hehe, coming from the man who edited it :smiley:

Looks nice.

Looks awesome, especialy love the eyes and window lighting.

Awesome title to the pic. Me like.

This is so awesome.
Have an arty.

Rate Ilwrath too, guys.

Nice, rated you both artistic.

Pretty cool. The rim-lighting is good although people should start applying it to skin too… after all that is the most common object to have rim-lighting due to the fine hairs.

If you looked at his cheek, you’d notice that there is rimlighting on it :v:

I meant on our left side.

this particular zombie looks bored haha
nice edit


Thanks for the comments all

His hat doesn’t match his rank at all.
Good edit though.