Duty vs. Passion



I wasn’t sure how to top the last image I did, and I think I’ve fallen into formula here, but I think it’s worthy of its own thread at the least. I rather like the B/W tinted image, but I think it could use improvement. What improvement, exactly, I don’t know. I’m at a bit of an impasse in that I don’t know how to edit my images anymore.

Of note is that this guy is a recurring character.

use bloom

I don’t see why I should. It rarely fits in the images I make.

For some reason when I saw Duty vs, I was thinking of the Imperial Guard versus the Blood Ravens in that final show down in one of the Dawn of war games. Aw well ^^;

Remember to use lights (as in actual lights, not lamps) to mimic ambient lighting/light passing through skin/light bouncing off objects. Even if it’s very, very slight, it can help to curb the “plastic skin” look and slightly odd lighting you get in some images, and makes it a little easier on the eyes. As it stands, areas such as those in shadow immediately below the gun and eyes look just a little too dark. It’s a very subtle thing.

Besides that, all I can recommend is maybe a more detailed background (a poster or something, just a wall is kinda bland), and maybe using a higher resolution model, seeing as the shot is such a close one.

zooming out a bit would help hide the low quality of the man and the pistol. showing more of the scene would also make the picture more interesting if you add detail props and items. like a chair and a desk.

The scene was originally much more detailed and based around a totally different concept (“Cut-throat business”) and had more actors in play, but I changed it irrationally for some reason I don’t know. I have an accidentally taken quasi test-shot of it here:

I might try and recreate it with better surroundings at some point.