Duude....i tink im drunk...?


hi all
This is my first pic i have made from gmod. Hope u like xD
The original pic is here:http://filesmelt.com/dl/drunk2.bmp
sry m bad english

Unfunny, bad posing, filterraep.

I can see that you used the 60’s filter on Corel Paint Shop Pro.

The guy on the floor must of had a major Overdose of coke.

“I’m Dr. Roxo, the Rock-and-Roll clown, and I do cocaine!”

lol xD

Haha the pic reminded me of a time when we hanged with some friends just around a table talking and having a couple of beers, thanks for the good memories.

As for the pic, its an overall ok.

Looks like he spent more time on the editing than the actual pose.


What filter rape?

I wonder where you learned English, every sentence has at least 1 mistake

I wonder who you think you are, the focus here is the picture

in your face dutch guy