DV-15 Interceptor BF4

hello people I need some help I would like boat the BF4 model DV-15 Interceptor if you guys help me I am very grateful

I just found the texture I have not found the OBJ

I’m here trying to convert help me please?

Are you extracting these files from the game using a ripper program?

Perhaps you already know this, but there are tools available to extract all of the assets directly from the battlefield game files. This is a better method in my opinion because rippers can sometimes corrupt/darken the textures. It may also be easier to isolate and locate the models/textures with this method. If you’re interested in this approach, I could help you get started.

I would

I want to extract the ripper I’ll do anything to solve the problem if you help me

Obj and also extract texture

okay so here Tex_406_Boat_DV

Thanks for your attention friend

Depending on your computer skills, this might be too difficult. You will also need to get 3ds max 2012 x64. If you can’t get 3ds max 2012 x64, don’t bother trying any of this. I assume you already have BF4 installed…

-To start, install Python 2.7: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.6/python-2.7.6.msi

-Next, get the BF4 extraction “dumper” scripts here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rhu9gjxs9087vn7/bf4dumper.zip

As the instructions for the scripts say:

Right click on the bf4dumper.py file, choose “Edit with IDLE”.

Adjust the script if necessary. You might need to point the script to your BF4 install directory or adjust the output path as desired.

Run the script by pressing F5. A shell will open showing the names of extracted files. Note that the asterisks in the title of the shell indicate that the script is running.

It will take a very long time and a lot of hard drive space to extract everything from the game.

-Use the BF4 texture converter to obtain textures from the files you extracted with the “dumper” script: http://www.bfeditor.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=15857

-Use the 3ds Max 2012 x64 mesh importer for BF4 here to get models: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdgwQpWCk84#t=1666
Watch the video to see how it works… looks amazing. I never used it personally, so I’m of limited help once you get to this point.

Hold on, ill upload the model soon, its better than extracting with ninja ripper and get crappy model/textures

you need more than one texture map (i counted 8 diffuse textures)

AdrianTheShep :

Wo you could convert it ? ?

Thank you for explained

if you guys have more things to talk about please tell!

Thanks again

AdrianTheShep you have this model?

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I’d be interested in the chinese helicopters (or pretty much all vehicles new in BF4, but I don’t wanna ask for too much :P)

Maybe someone could upload the “unassembled” files? And sorry for hi-jacking this thread, but I thouht this thread wa somehwat fitting

I’m learning to do it now


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How do I open the textures and model as it helps me !!! Please programming?
I learned 95% of the tutorial (phantom444) Thank phantom444

:v: :wink:

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Can someone make a tutorial on imagems in step by step? because I do not know how to open the itexture and the model

see all models of BF4
when I open the Batch_Itexture_Converter_BF4
I do everything right just not open TXD


Please make a tutorial for everyone does in step step how to extract the model and texture files
do a tutorial using Images

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it’s right! I will show here because did not work



has video explaining.

Qual voçê tem ?

Chinese helos? only that? why not ALL the chinese vehicles?

With the Daniuxx plugins, vehicles are so easy to assemble

Please like extracting these models please help me


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File BF4 Models



Im extracting via chunk method, some tutorials here:






Will it work?

AdrianTheShep strip ums prints of what you do to give ok


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Erro Texture !


That’s awesome Shep… but I hope you’re not just teasing us here…

It looks like you’re using an older texture converter program I have some experience with. For that program, you need to place the template text files that came with the program in the chunk folders… as the error message suggests, it can’t find the text file.

? as?

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Grab the HexEdit information for vehicles planes by the code because I do not understand it only understands the texture of the model has no way to pass the information to so I download everything you know.

Problem does not complete

Thank you for your attention

I thought it was my bf4 version of the program but is. how have you put to download .the helicopter:rolleyes:

I want to learn how to convert vehicle models :rolleyes:

it’s difficult

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all models

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I will not quit I’ll continue but I need an explanation I can understand

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AdrianTheShep you overcame this level you know please pass their information to me for me to learn