Dvaderv2's personal skin

http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/8241/detides0001k.jpg Hello there, ladies and gents! Today, I give to you my personal skin! It ain’t the best, but it works. Features -Two models (Dvaderv2, right, and a generic minion, left) -Highly flexible -Normals and phong -Addon format, so you don’t have to whine about it not working. Credits Infinity Ward - Making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and therefore base models and textures Various people - Porting etc. Dvaderv2 (me) - Editing, hexing, releasing Q&A Q: OMFG, why did you have to make a thread?! You could’ve simply PM’d Taggart! A: I know, but hey, felt more like posting a thread. Besides, I was originally going to upload this on Garrysmod.org, and I don’t have a Facebook account, so I figured people could post questions here, and I could answer them without having to make some crap account on a crap social network that I probably would use rarely anyhow. Q: Do I have to have anything? A: Nothing except Garry’s Mod 10. Q: This wouldn’t happen to have a spawnlist so that I don’t have to hunt for this bugger in the Browse menu? A: It actually has a spawnlist. If anyone feels like making this over for Garry’s Mod 9 with the spawncodes and so forth, then fine, as long as you credit me. Q: Why a military-themed one? A: Erm, doesn’t BackSlash (or whatever he’s called, I can’t exactly remember) have one too? Q: Can I reupload this on Garrysmod.org, etc. ? A: You can, just remember to add the following to your description: Infinity Ward - Making Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and therefore base models and textures Various people - Porting etc. Dvaderv2 - Editing, hexing, releasing the original [Your name, or a simple ‘me’] - Uploading Q: Where can I get the gun models? A: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/933472?highlight= http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=78902 Q: I’ve read all this shit, so can I kindly have the download in order to do whatever I want to it? A: 'Kay then, sheesh: [release]http://www.mediafire.com/?5amboj6wkx58pey[/release] Have fun!

Q: Does anyone really care
A: Nope

mw2 hahah man

Just what we needed. Another solider…

there is a thread for these types of things. And besides this release section isn’t doesnt deserve a crappy reskin of some Cod soldier or something and using it as your personal skin. Do something better than this. Its not really a personal skin. its from another game and you just adjusted the color a bit. THat doesnt seem personal, and you wouldnt be recognized by it.

What a boring perskin.

Holy shit what’s wrong with that description?

Fix your description.
and if possible, Enter the realm of perskin thread.

That line makes me remember to a line from one of the raiders in The Pitt, in Fallout 3.

But i totally agree.

throw it over in the perskin thread

Doesn’t deserve the place.

Ah facepunch… How I love thee, such friendly and helpful folk.

Come on mates…
Yeah this isn’t the best skin ever made, but I can guarantee it’s a damn sight better than anything most of the people who commented on this thread could make.
We all have to start somewhere, it seems most people like to start of with something for themselves and usually start basic.

Right, so the OP shouldn’t have really made this thread, why not just report him to a moderator, so that he can just lock this thread and tell dvaderv2 where this sort of stuff belongs… That’s if it really gets your back up that much.

Bunch of slack-jawed MAGGOTS around here. This shit’ll make you a sexual tyrannosaurus once you make it your playermodel!




your move

This is a really poor argument whenever it’s used.

You don’t need to be a chef to know the soup tastes like shit.

Or in this case, you don’t need to be a pro skinner to be able to see a skin is bad and generic.

Holy fuck whores,have all my babies even the black one!

what the fuck no thanks

reskin is easy…Headhack is very easy



I wasn’t aware that you were most people.

And if you cared to read you’d notice I wasn’t making a pathetic “my cock’s bigger than yours” statement, I was saying lay off the poor git, constructive criticism is the key not down right scaring people off.

An example of this: Your lazy complete lack of glass on your models and no shaders whatsoever nor bump-maps, make them look like plastic, good models though just… Need more effort before releasing.
Which if memory serves me right, you didn’t release.

because they aren’t done, the texturework is the key here (and none of them are my models, strictly)

the 206b doesn’t even have a mesh for glass (and its model has been released), the Falcon’s is just a placeholder and the camaro isn’t supposed to have glass at all (so it doesn’t)

i’m working on normals for the camaro but all of the Falcon’s extraneous details are part of the model (courtesy of iisq).

the biggest problem that i have with envmaps is that they look butt-ugly if applied to a noticable extent; the way they flicker and generally just don’t look consistent bugs the hell out of me.

edit: just noticed you replied with some texture work (of your own)? that’s easy, i could do a zoey facemap like that in 10 minutes. the cop model which is what i guess you’re showing off in that filter-raped image looks like the model from the beta with super basic eye glow.