Due to the wonderful complete wiki, I can’t make head to toe out of http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=DVScrollBar

If someone could explain it to me, or make an example, or do both that’d be fantastic.

I’d love this too. Our fantastically specific wiki just isn’t too great in some points.

On a side point, I’ve generally used a DPanelList in the past to get a working scrollbar.

I can’t use it because of the way I have to populate the list

If you can’t find something at the wiki always try luabin (use to be called code.garrysmod.com)


Sometimes helps you figure stuff out that isn’t documented properly.

The scrollbar does not do any scrolling itself. It is simply there for visuals. All the (fairly complicated) scrolly stuff is done by the DPanelList. Could you not simply do all the stuff you need to do to your panel, then add it as the only item in a DPanelList?

Genius. Gimme a sec to see if it works.


Uhh… After removing the panel from the list and then adding a new item (tabs), the scrollbar doesn’t re-appear.




It’s all good