DW_Tardis WIP (with some worlds to come)







Hi all! Yes I am back with a new idea!
I was downloading all the seasons of docterwho and watched them all, but now I’ve found out that there aren’t anymore seasons while the current docter is saying goodbye to all of us…

So I worked for a hour or 2 on this map, and I hope it will become a fun to play map.

My plan:
I want to make the tardis ( duh ),
and I want to make some missions and planets and other star systems wich you can manually fly with the tardis through, or just push some buttons to simply letting the tardis do all the work, you press button and walk through the doors and wow, snow! (or a sandstorm or something…)

I used pieces of the soundtracks from the series to form sentences :P.

Some pictures will be here soon, but as showcase I made this intro VID

This is still a heavy WIP…

nice but it’s spelt doctor who and also you going to work on custom textures?

wow wow wow if this is released for garrys mod I will definately download, no matter how long it takes to download =)…You should release this wip as a demo

I only worked for about two hours on this WIP, I will release a demo when I worked some more on it. I found out I got a day off from work, so I might aswell work on it in a few hours.

This may get added to the Doctor Who pack when it is finished, coz we needed some more maps.

Fix the stairs down.

They look horribly disfigured.

like ur face

Yea, the stairs is my lowest priority, First I want a working map, and that stairs looks weird cause I have experience in reaching the brush limit wich I don’t intend to hit this time.


As a matter of fact, they are.

Ok, now that I am home I will start mapping. I hope to have some work done in a few hours.

Sweet…I dont know were you live but were I live there is a doctor who marathon on scifi, hopefully it will give you some inspiration.

unfortunatly I can’t recieve scifi over here :(,
But I’ve seen most of the season episodes, although it is all really blurry in my memory when it gets to details.

I really like this So here are some links that could help you, hopefully =D

Thx, those are really some good close ups ;).
And they will certainly help me,firstly I will make the map a bit working, then I will add some of those awesome details like the concole ;).

If you’re hitting the brush limit alot you’re doing it wrong.

Stairs are easy to make. I suggest following one of the many tutorials for a spiral staircase. A set of stair is not going to fuck over your brush limit and the visual effect will be worth it.

But they still use an awfull lot of brushes wich I might need in the end. So thats why I leave it as alow priority.

And a new VID is coming up within this hour!
I just worked a bit further and made it some more doctor who’ish :stuck_out_tongue:

Show me one such map where you’ve had too many brushes. Chances are it is poorly optimised or has useless brushes.

oh no no, had optimized it the best I could. But I always tend to try to make a whole universum in one map :stuck_out_tongue:

And vid is uploading


Gotta reupload, hold on people! VId is underway! And I made a second vid also wich I will uopload after this one. (bad internet conection at the moment.)

Added more doctor who’ish lights
the wardrope got thinner ( Remade all the pillars )
Changed the color of almost everything (it now doesn’t look that orange)


And here it is!
I know it still looks very ugly but just wanted to share this.

The age of steel - 01 - A pictured Tardis

I know this one sucks cuz its only a bunch of pictures, but the second VID is better (still just something I made very quikly but it is only a concept, the tardis in the next VID is the things I worked on not the weird looking highway)

And a hint, you know this intro I made for this vid? Well watch the second one, some secret information wich the ones who skip the intro will miss.
Second one is uploading

It is looking better and better,
edit are you going to include more sounds (cloister bell, tardis “hmmm” and more)?

Well the pumping sounds you hear in the vid, is an ingame sound. I didn’t add that in with movie maker.

And second vid is done Uploading!
The age of steel - 02 - The Tardis highway