Dwarf Spider Droid Mk.2

A couple weeks ago I started work on a Dwarf Spider Droid NextBot/PM for Garry’s Mod. This post will be my efforts on a modified version to work with s&box.

So far what I have done is setup the model in HL:A ModelDoc, I plan on improving my previous animations and giving it IK Joints for HL:A and whenever I get to use s&box will set it up to work as a PlayerModel and create it as a Source 2 NextBot

Initial Progress can be found here: Dwarf Spider Droid PM/NextBot - Garry’s Mod

Current progress with HL:A:image

This includes the animations, but not the IK shit (Will be needed to make this look right because of how wide it is)

I’ll continue to update my post here with some animations, the IK shit, and whenever I am able to use s&box, the playermodel/nextbot.


Let me know how it works out because I am having a hard time figuring it out myself, however, I feel as if I am on the cusp of getting it to work, and when I will I’ll let the whole world know how it works.

holy shit please do, source IK is so confusing. I’ve got the right stuff working in Blender but I have no idea how I will be able to transfer it over, especially with the pistons.

Already getting ready for S&box I see. Can’t wait to see how we are gonna do NPCs, I’d be glad to help figure all that out.

Can yall stop creating new threads to post an update?

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I’m hoping the IK on Source 2 is a bit nicer, or at least the API is. Would also be cool to have a alternative physics based version.

I said in the post that I would use this post for source 2 updates. Why would I continue in the gmod forum for sandbox development?

Still learning the differences from Source 1 to Source 2 but I believe all of my old shit has been converted now. image

This new process is confusing as hell but I think I’m starting to get used to it

It’s done