DX12 support

With what I have been reading about DX12 it seems it would greatly improve frame rate if Rust was DX12 capable, will Rust support DX12 sometime in near future??

Only marketing

the main issue for me is SLI support. it’s all engine (unity) based so FP is tied to them.


Oh my a fucking tech demo. While there will be improvements, the real world gain will be absolutely nowhere near that.

Oh my, a fucking TEST by PC world that shows a demonstrable improvement in performance between DX11 and DX12, already with your oh so helpful disclaimer that ‘the real world gain will be absolutely nowhere near that’ which makes me think you didn’t bother reading it. You did see two links, right?

No where near those results would still be pretty damn good. I didn’t claim massive improvements, just that it’s not ‘only marketing’.

A tech demo is not the same as real world.
What you see is not what you’ll always get.

Why would anyone trust a fucking tech demo lmao

Its like watch dogs all over again.

If real games looked like tech demo, we would have flawlessly hyper realistic photo real open world indie games 5 years ago

There wouldn’t be any gains because currently rust is unoptimized as fuck. You still need to put in developer effort to take advantage of dx12 optimizations.

PC Gamer seems to think DX12 will greatly improve base frame rate although I’m sure as a previous person said they need to actually optimize it for DX12 which I am not sure they actually have the resources for.

I’m going to lay some hardcore nerd knowledge on you punks about DX12.

DX <12 is just a knock-off OpenGL tailored to Windows. 'bout it.

DX12 will run better than the previous versions as it is now a low-level language.
What does that mean? It means it has direct access to the device’s resources without having to go through OS redtape.
It’s how consoles work. Ever wonder how a little box with relatively shitty, cheap HW can run games more efficiently than a conventional PC with even better specs?
Low-level access. Protocols no longer have to go through wrappers or latency or some other overhead resource gobbling shit.

So, yes. DX12 should run better than DX11 and before. Even on the same rig.

It actually is very possible, in fact I think it would be cool if FacePunch let us crank the settings up to super high detail for the high end PCs, well right now it would be pretty hard to get good enough performance, but once the game is optimised and if there’s enough room to get that graphics quality as high as they can that would make Rust even more of a one of a kind game.

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I second this, it would count towards optimisation quite a bit.

the thing is, tech demo’s work within a level that’s insanely tiny and renders specific things, it’s ONLY made to look pretty and nothing else at all. IT doesn’t also have an entire game behind it.

I do want to see more games with Serious Sam 3 tier graphics settings however. The ability to absolute everything as much as possible is great.

I didn’t say tech demo levels but yeah it’s really fun to push your system :stuck_out_tongue:

running gta 5 across 3 screens on absolute max and just capping the frames is amazing fun

and also crashes… a LOT

Rust should have some stupid ass unneeded shadow rendering in “High end PC settings” to play with

keeping in mind some people are needing to force dx9? not any time soon.