.dxf (hammer) to .max (3ds max)

.dxf (hammer) to .max (3ds max)
When I export with hammer to .dxf, and import it and save it as .max

Then export to .smd and compile it to mdl.

Will each box I made in hammer be the same as I made it in 3ds max, or will it get messy and maybe not even compile?

Each brush will become its own box unlike in real modeling where you try to delete all hidden faces. So it will be full of faces that you don’t want and it’ll probably take a long time to clear all them out depending on the complexity of the thing you want to export.

Not sure why you want to do that but as PLing said it will take forever to delete all the unnessary faces.

You won’t have any UV maps either.
Your best bet is to compile the map with VBSP (removes unneeded faces), open it with Crafty, export as OBJ, import into Max, export as SMD.

just use Propper

If you want it to max…? hmm well… decompile mdl to smd and tada! I think it’s much easier to do the one above ^

What 'bout the reverse? I heard Descent 3’s levels are actually models.

Is it on Source engine? A lot of engines these days use models instead of brushes, only Hammer and UE3 uses them these days and they are in very rarely used in UE3 at least by game studios.

It’s perfectly possible to have a model as a level in Source but the effort to get it working perfectly is mindboggling.