DXRipper(Ninja Ripper) with Dolphin(Wii) Ripping - Fix messed up mesh

Hello everybody!!

I tried to rip 3d models from Daikaijuu Battle : Ultra Coliseum DX with Dolphin.

I found 4 tools for ripping.
-3D Ripper DX
-3D Ripper
-DirectX 3D Models Ripper (DX Ripper)
-Ninja Ripper

each tool has a quality all its own.
[3D Ripper DX]
Worked fine and can rip exactly but not T-Pose.

[3D Ripper,DirectX 3D Models Ripper (DX Ripper),Ninja Ripper]
Worked fine except for character models(only stages)
Models are medded up

I want T-posed models so I like to use one of three mentioned above latter.

Could anyone tell me how to fix it?

Sorry for my bad english
Thank you for reading.

Ahhh, I know why. It’s because the game uses the “MDL0” model format, which is the most common format for Wii games.

The files themselves I think are encrypted, but you should be able to get them through a memory dump and a hex editor. There’s a program simply called ProcessMemoryDumper which does exactly what it says on the tin, then you just use the hex editor of your choice to search for “bres” in the dumped file, and just trim everything before that. Then, open the saved file in BrawlBox and you should be good to go. Unless the model you’re looking for isn’t there, in that case jump to the next “bres” entry and delete everything before that, and so on.

With that program, you can view and export models as DAE, which will retain the model’s original bone structures and rigging. Alternatively, you could try BRRESViewer which can export to MD5/PSK, but it doesn’t work quite as well as BrawlBox in my opinion.

Thank you sooo much for your quick replying and great kindness!!
I will try it and post the Result as sonn as possible!

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Thank you sooo much sir!!!
I could extract the model with what ALL i need!!!

Dude, i see you extract model from ultraman games in T-pose. Interesting. I m also working for this game.


i have all the character for ultraman. but not the monster.
Can you help me! i need the kaijuu 3d model in t-pose.
can you send me or make tutorial how to extract using hex editor or something else.

your help is really needed.

Now thanks for Sir RTB I can rip all character models and stage models from this game!

Am I good enough to do?

If you said “yes” , I could help you :smiley:

I can rip stage with 3d ripper.
but dude you really wanna extract them all?
it requires a lot of work and time
unless if you re busy

i have in the state where all ultraman model stand up straight, there is where i rip theme all

you can check it full at my devianart

i still need the ultraman models cuz mine still not be good enough to be rigged
but the most important is the kaijuu models

or you can teach me using memory dumper
you can find me at facebook

I send my friend request to your facebook account!

Please let you check it!:stuck_out_tongue: