Dxtory Not Working On Rust

I have been wanting to record some rust gameplay recently, however Dxtory does not seem to detect Rust. Xsplit is really the only recording program I have that does, however it impacts my fps way to much.
I have been trying to google the fix but I cannot find anything. The only way I have gotten it to work is by launching the RustClient.exe, but this does not enable EAC blocking me from playing on any servers, and I receive the EAC Disconnected message. So I am wondering if there is a fix to be able to run Dxtory while launching the Rust.exe in the Rust directory or through steam so it enables EAC.

Thank you,

Not entirely related to your topic, but what are the specs of your computer?
I ask because with Rust being horribly un-optimized, plus Dxtory requiring a lot of CPU power, I suspect you’ll have trouble getting a decent framerate/settings unless you have a really good rig.

GPU- GTX 780
CPU - Intel i7 4770k
Ram - 16gb
if you need more let me know

I stand corrected, you should be fine recording (for the most part).

Yeah, so do you know why dxtory does not work???