Hey everyone.

I have seen a lot of people suggest that we add “markers” above your friends heads, but this does not fit into this world if you ask me. What I would suggest, is that we add different types of dyes, so you can color your armour. So your entire team/Clan could make their kevlar chest yellow with blue pants, to recognise eachother from far. Some dyes could be harder to make than others, and maybe you would even need a workstation to craft dyes.

Maybe you could craft red dye from blood, and if they add fishing then you could get black dye from an octopus. I have also seen people suggest gardens, so maybe you could even get dyes from plants/flowers?

doesn’t really work for colour blind people like myself lol

Like the idea would be very handy indeed

Not a bad idea but even just making names be seen from further away an maybe a clan name above our player name

It sounds okay, but an enemy could dye their armor the same color and it would be confusing.

-FAOK That would be a silly idea. What if someone is trying to hide behind a bush, and their name just pops up? Something like that has never worked for an FPS game.

-xKilzA Yes, someone could do this. But if there are maybe 10 different types of dyes, then it would be rare to come across someone with the same combination as your own. Maybe THEN it would be confusing, but clearly it would be better if its only confusing every once in a while, rather than all the time you see someone with the same armor.

The idea actually would work. It is both realistic, while also providing a way to identify teammates from a distance. It also presents an element that, if a person wanted to slip in and secretly ambush a clan coming in, they could have researched the colors and added it to their armor, providing a defense. Granted, their name would still be different over their head, but by the time anyone realized it, the method would help gain an advantage for those that were defending.

The devs likely already have this in mind, though, as I believe Garry mentioned it in one of his blogs, stating that “wearing a red shirt” as an identifier to a friendly could be done, instead of a system that breaks immersion.

+1 to dyes

Will this include paint able penises?

Body paint could be an option.