Dying Alyx




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Thank you!

Oh God! I love this. Amazing job.

Aw shi~ man!Awsm!

Alyx is dead? PAARTY!

Very nice,faceposing on Gordon is wierd though. Like looking at someting and saying now what is that(without te fear for alyx’s life) ? also i would prefer Alyx to have her mouth open makes the scene better!

Buck teeth Gordan.

The faceposing on Gordon is dumb but the rest is very awesome. Link to the original?

Added original :3

Great work texturing the beard. Did you do the jacket too? Nice shading as well.

Of course, thank you for your tutorial.
Learned very useful things.

which one?

This one

I need to update that thing…

I thank you that you didn’t use fakefactory Alyx.

I jizzed. Everywhere

nice texturing man, posing looks good
the only thing off is the blood on alyx’s forehead

I wanna stab you now.

How is every one getting ragdolls to have such great textures? Those look HD…

Almost a dat azz face.
Awesome texturing tough its a bit blurry.