Dying eyes wide



I endorse this.

That’s some pretty sweet composition you got.

“Mother Earth you’re hereby sentenced to 4 years prison time for molesting statesman on duty.”

I thought it might be hard to tell for some but those branches are from tree’s since it’s from a birds eye point of view.


haunting, i love it

i tried doing a pic like that first one last night but couldnt get it looking good like you have , gj

Did you make the 29th skin or was that a skingroup? I was planning on converting what I had from DoD:S to it.

The picture reminds me of one of the Medal of Honor: Spearhead load screens and the blood on the snow effect is great. Nice work!

That bird view perpesctive is simply perfect. Great stuff.

Perfect textures on the ground. Gives the feel of decay and death.

Actually I just edited in the 29th ID unit logo on in photoshop.

While it’s great and all, the lighting should be from the top, I was wondering why I couldn’t see tree shadows. The light should be up top imo.

There are shadows from the branches though? Look at the snow and the guy they’re there, They just aren’t very dark because it’s not supposed to be during night. All the lights are from above the trees except for two volumetric lights to simulate light coming through a clearing in the trees.