Dying from hunger while logged out?

I went a day without playing and when I logged out of my server I had about 650 calories left. While logged out does the calories still burn and can you die from that. When I got back to my house everything was still there so I know I wasn’t killed by another player.

You could have logged out while bleeding or logged out next to a wall which can glitch and have ur feet stick through it. People can then kill u by hitting ur toes.

this happened to a buddy of mine. he went afk on top of a building, very tall no LoS to shoot at him, and when he came back the next day he was dead. no doors were missing on the way to the roof either. he thought maybe it was hunger that killed him if he was afk

I have had this happen a couple of times… Including when I had all my good loot on my body… It gets really annoying don’t think there could be a fix to it so I guess we just have to deal with it :frowning:

hackers can fly.