Dying with god mode?

So, i did not know where to post this thread. So i put it in here. Has any of you ever died with god mode on? In any of the half life games (( Half life 2 and upwards ))… It just crossed my mind the other day that by putting god mode on, it is impossible to lose any health or die. But have any of you ever been able to die even WITH god mode on?

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type “kill” in console, you’ll die.

I mean dying in a way caused by in-game shit

Never happened to me at least.

Impossible due to CBasePlayer::TakeDamage (I think)

Though, if you ran into a trigger that kills you rather than taking 1000 damage or whatever, you’d probably die.

turning on godmode and jumping off the no mercy finale still kills you

Nukes in Gmod still kills you if I am correct.

I think too


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Your model changes to the burned corpse.

o hi i randomly found this discussion on the google and would like to add I once died using wiremod’s kill driver thingy

what is the point of this thread

While that applies to Doom, the principal is pretty much the same.

Died from a nuke in gmod. That’s it. You do NOT die if you have god mode AND buddha mode on though IIRC

Meh, it is possible to die with godmode on:

  • ply:Kill() and all related lua functions kill player no matter what(if you aren’t dead already ofc).
  • It IS POSSIBLE to die with buddha mode on. You just have to recieve 1 hp damage all the time. Eventually you’ll die. I’ve constructed special scripts back in hl2dm to break buddha mode for annoying players and kill 'em.
  • Extremely rare glitch when function that disconnects timed out players breaks. Player dies, but entity stays. Theoretically if you would be able to unlag yourself, you’d stay dead.
  • Switching player teams via SetTeam kills them no matter what(CS:S, HL2DM - Proven to work).

The camera just zooms out to show the whole building, you fall, and just sit there at the bottom, unable to do anything unless you suicide via console or leave.

if im correct the half life 2 develepors planned to stop the develepor console working and put everything into defult while the player was in the chapter “we dont go to ravenholm”

Have fun bugtesting

I made a map, with a trigger_multiple, and that activates a lua_run, and that runs a ply:Kill()
And even with godmode you die :slight_smile: