Dynamic Armor System

Recently I was playing with some of my friends in gmod, fighting with some sword/knife sweps we found on garrysmod.org… and after a while I realized that the current system source uses for armor is a crock of shite.

So, I devised up a little plan on how we could create an armor system that worked as follows.

The player is equipped with pieces of armor, each with it’s own ability to break, and each with their own custom settings regarding penetration and durability. The pieces of armor themselves are parented to each bone they are required to cover.

(Chest pieces would be broken into 4 pieces for each spine segment if it was chainmail, to simulate flexibility, or perhaps it could be one chainmail model with four bones, each snapped to the corresponding spine segments.)

As the individual pieces of armor are hit, or damaged in however many ways, they change states to compensate for how much damage they’ve taken.

For example, your shoulder pad takes 50 damage and the pad’s body group changes to a dented version.
After the pad takes 100 more damage, the bodygroup would change to a broken version of the shoulder pad, and another piece would fall off, leaving the player exposed in that area.

I was thinking the amount of damage that can be taken differs with the importance of the part the armor covers up.


As a modeller I can rip models from games and even create my own to an extent. (I’ll most likely rip rom WoW though.)

This could also be adapted for use in bullet proof vests, kevlar helmets, etc.

Consider this one lua coders, this could be epic. :v:

Also, forgive my shitty paint drawings I’m on a school pc at the moment.

This could be done with relative simplicity. The easiest way to do this would be to apply damage to armor per hitbox (head, chest, arms, legs). We already have ways to equip your character with armor (the Hat Maker is an example) so piecing the two together should be easy.

Great to know, but that doesn’t help the fact that I need a coder. :v:

As soon as you have good models available coders will fight amongst themselves to be the first to do something with them and receive credit. :v:

Don’t rip WoW models. Blizzard is one of the worst company when it comes to using their stuff (including their ideas, they’ve shut down several mods that were Starcraft/Warcraft/Diablo related).

If they enjoy reading the request forums on facepunch, which i believe they do not. (Who the fuck gets payed for doing that?)

I know I read this forum once in a while when I don’t have any ideas but want to script something, or a title catches my eyes.

Like was said, get some models done and then coders are more likely to help.

I have a job with the Real Life + team (industry game) working on treasure models at the moment…

I’d love to get some armor modeled, but theres just so many available models that may be better.

I might ask the PVKII team if I can scrape apart their heavy knight and use him in my script.


Actually, seeing as there are no copyrights on their content it should be fine. Look forward to PVKII heavy knight armor pieces.