Dynamic Blood/Gore

If you have played SMod, you’ve probably seen the blood spurt. I’m requesting something like that. A shot to an NPC or NPCs ragdoll will make little droplets of blood come out and make a blood decal on whatever it lands on. It’s a lot better than the blood somehow moving at light-speed into a wall. Any takers?

look up “dismemberment mod 1.9” on garrysmod.org/downloads. it’s the best goremod out there.

That’s not what I want at all. I’m requesting this because I don’t like that gore mod. Is anyone going to try?

Well, this is in the FalloutMod Coding, if anyone could find it I can try and cut it out. But that would be stealing, so nevermind.

No. Gibsplat is the best.

Get permission from the FalloutMod Creators and do it :S


And I second this request. It would be awesome to see a really dynamic blood and gore effect