Dynamic Fight Music Beta


Sounds pretty interesting.

So this detects proximity to hostile NPCs or something? It’s an interesting prospect, especially considering the limits that NPCs won’t shoot you at so that music plays when they actually can. And can the music be replaced with anything else, or was the code tailored for the included songs?

This is perfect for roleplaying servers with NPC:s. Like zombie roleplaying. Can i add it to my friends server?

I’m sorry to ask, but would you mind listing the musics names in the sound folder? (especially the third in the video) Fmusic2 in particular.

You can replace them yes. But remeber, This is client side, Not serverside.

You can add your own, I tried my best to describe it in the lua file itself.

The list…

Fmusic 1 = Kill the Sound
Fmusic 2 = Terror Is Reality “DR2 When fighting leon”
Fmusic 3 = Club Dance “DR2 when fighting the twins”
Fmusic 4 = Electric Dance “DR2 in one of the clubs”
Fmusic 5 = Best Its Gunna Get “DR2 when fighting jed in Case Zero”
Fmusic 6 = Devil may cry 4 - Science will never die.
Fmusic 7 = Devil may cry 4 - Swipe of sword.
Fmusic 8 = Devil may cry 4 - Sworn through swords.
Fmusic 9 = Devil may cry 4 - The Viper

Well as said just above, You can add your own. I tried my best to explain it in the lua file.

PS: added more info to op.

Can you add a function for instances where a different song set would be played when there’s 5 or more enemies?

Works well with the health addon.

My friend actually asked me that there should be an options for hordes or not.

Light music would play for small amounts, and heavy music would play for huge amounts.

I actually wanna know what you’re using in the video, the prone and the guns n’ stuff.

I’d like it if you could make it so we can have specific songs for specific NPCs and such. Like Combine get their own theme and zombies’d get their own. Of course that’d be a random pick and if there were both it’d just do the whole general music kind of thing

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Thats a good idea, Ill look into it, Thanks.

Making it addon format wouldn’t hurt either. The console commands being Q menu commands as well would be nice.

Did the OP snip?


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Does anyone know the cause of this?

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Gmod.org deleting a bunch of downloads, trolls, etc.