Dynamic Hammer Based Vehicle: Drive it, Fuel it, Break it, Fix it... Release it

Oh look! Spacew00t is finally releasing something! Did he mention it's all done in Hammer, no Lua involved?

I would like to take this chance to say that I’m not dead.

The Basics:
This release includes the BSP and VMF of a sample map I made awhile back. What’s special about this release is that everything was done with nothing but Hammer entities.

Original WIP Thread

The Video:

The Pics:

The Apology:
So yeah, I first started talking about this at the beginning of 2008, and its now almost halfway through 2010, I think I got distracted somewhere along the way. Basically, I always was planning on releasing a tut on this, but now I realize that I’ve pretty much forgotten how it works (so good luck figuring it out!). I also realize I’m probably not going to use it in any maps in the foreseeable future.

The Disclaimer:
It’s made with Hammer and its got a lot of entities, it ain’t gonna be as neat as something you could make with lua, but it will teach you how to use entities in new and creative ways. I’m not really looking for constructive criticism for how to improve it, since I don’t plan to do anything with it right now, and I can’t really help you with any issues it may have since I’ve forgotten how it works. Please remember that I did this over two years ago and I’ve gone on to do other things since then. While you have permission to use this in your map (as long as you credit me) I would really use this instead to learn how to make your own entity based projects in Hammer.

The Final Word
I hope this inspires others to view Hammer in a new way, and to implement other original and interesting systems into their maps.

The Release

A car made in hammer without lua that goes boom and you can fix it.

Also, before you ask, Yes! I will be releasing more of my entity based prefabs in the upcoming weeks. Just give me time to find them and such.

This is awesome, I’ll try it out immediately.

Hey you finally released this!, Nice.

How many years is that? 3 or 4? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum.

I remember the start of the WIP thread.
Congrats on finally releasing something too. I think you should work on trying to get mapping groups back to FP (like all you berry folk and those element dudes (and obviously some new groups would surface)). It would be like old times.

Its very nice work but is this not basically the same as VM mod?

Anyone figured out how to use it yet?

I still remember this.

Don’t think it actually works anymore tbh.

It does, I tested it before I released it.

Oooerr, how do you work it then, when I touch parts on parts, it doesn’t do anything.

Did you break it first?

You’ve got to destroy it first… Hit the engine block with a couple RPGs.


Ah beat me to it.

Now, release that entity based radar tracking system, that was amazing.

Maybe this will inspire some old maps with garages to be remade.

Looking over at Oviscity, I think, where it had a couple of garages that weren’t very useful. A remake of that, including this ability, would be nice.

Its been a while Spacewoot…

But why are people rating it boxes?

Because they don’t know what a fun map is.

I wouldn’t call it dynamic…

Because they aren’t reading the disclaimer.