Dynamic Hammer Mining and Manufacturing Systems

Dynamic Hammer Mining and Manufacturing Systems (DHM&MS)

Brushwork, textures, and other parts of the map are subject to change. The work in this thread is meant to showcase the entity work, and improvements all around will be made before implementing in any map.


What is it?
The following is made only with Hammer, and is a dynamic system involving mining ore, smelting, creating alloys, and manufacturing parts for other dynamic systems. Blah, blah, blah, right? I pretty much say dynamic and Hammer based in a lot of my threads, but this is definably pretty damn cool and interactive. You can mine/harvest seven different resources! This includes: Coal, Sulfur, Iron, Acid, Oil, Rubber, and Gold. Some resources are used more than others and some are harder to get then others, this could possibly set the stage for an interesting trader/barter economy.

What can I make with it?
Right now you can produce the parts needed to repair the Dynamic Hammer Based Vehicle and ammo crates to reload the weapon spawner. There are three different types of ammo crates: Weapons, Explosives, and Armor. Each ammo crate supplies up to 10 spawns of their respective contents. In the future I will expand the manufacturing and mining/harvesting system to allow the creation of Health and Food, considering certain lua scripts use models to determine what food is. Right off the bat I can think of herbal remedies to heal, growing melons for food, and distilling alcohol (Melon schnapps anyone?).

What maps will it be put in?
Whatever my next map is I plan to implement these systems in it, along with all my other Hammer based dynamics.

Will you release any vmfs or give us tutorials?
After my next map I will take a lot of time off just to write tutorials and release the sample vmfs.


Just some side notes before you watch the videos, the text goes by fast sometimes and I’m sorry about that but it had to be that way. I’m a slow reader myself so I understand if it gets annoying. Also if you want to find more about each of the different systems there are images with descriptions farther down on the page. Here’s the download link for the two videos if you can’t read the youtube text. http://static1.filefront.com/ffv6/graphics/b_download_still.gif

DHM&MS Video 1
This video shows the process of reloading a display screen. The video shows one of my SHGUI interfaces, vgui and lua free. The video also shows the weapon manufacturing plant and the whole mining/smelting/manufacturing system of weapons.

DHM&MS Video 2
The second video is longer and shows the manufacturing of dynamic car parts that are used to replace a broken vehicle. Shown here are the other minable/harvestable resources.

Bellow are images of the different parts of the system with descriptions. Some images are hidden with media tags so this post isn’t gigantic.

I rewatched the videos I made a wile ago and realized how horrendously confusing it is. I made a diagram that I hope will explain the process involved in making a car engine.

So it’s basically: ores - iron, coal refined ores - iron bar, coal crate combined refined ore - steel Final product - Car Engine

So the smelter can refine ores and combine the refined ores, too. Then the MMM uses the refined ores and combinations of them to produce usable products.


Hammer Weapon Selection System
Also known as HWSS this SHGUI (Spacew00t Hammer Graphical User Interface) is a vgui/lua like display made in hammer. The only one in the DHM&MS so far it has a help menu, weapons menu, explosives menu, and an armor menu. By default none of the pages are loaded and will make a buzzing sound when an empty menu is selected.
-The Main menu.

-The Help pages.
-The Weapons page.
-The Explosives page.

Gun Factory
This is were you put refined ores to create weapon crates used to reload the weapon spawner. It can create weapon, explosive, and armor supply crates.

Mechanical Manufacturing Machine
This device, also known as MMM, can create parts for dynamic systems, like the car, out of refined ores.

This machine you will easily use the most, it takes ore and refines them into usable forms. It can also smelt different refined ores to make new alloys, like steel. It does have particle effects and sound but the recent gmod updates messed them up, although I do have an image from gmod2007 beta with the smokestack particle effect.

-The smelter with ep2 particle effects; note the door in that image is long gone.

Oil Refinery
Not shown much in the video this still plays a vital role in the system. This will automatically spawn a barrel of oil for use with the gas station if there is not already one in the retrieval area.

Gas Station
Using barrels of oil from the refinery it can spawn up to five canisters of gasoline per barrel. It is imaged here to the left.


Probably the most used resource it is mined from light brown outcrops and smelted into Iron bars.

Used in the production of firearms this pale yellow rock is an important resource.

A dark black rock used mainly in the production of steel, but maybe for fuel in the future.

Coming from the sap of trees it is relatively plentiful and used in the production of batteries and tires, but maybe more in the future.

Originating deep in the hives of Antlions this substance is plentiful but could be challenging to get if there are worker ants around. The acid pellets are mined from honeycomb like structures and liquefied for travel in jars. This will probably have more expanded uses later on.

No images other than what’s in the video, used as fuel and in the production of rubber.

A rare element that is happened upon by mining iron deposits every once and awhile. It is used in the production of armor batters but will probably have expanded uses later on. Again no pictures other than what’s in the video.


Things I don't want to hear.

I don’t think I’m being unreasonable when I request that no one gives me freaking lessons in chemistry, I love it but I could care less that sulfur isn’t the only ingredient in gunpowder. Trust me I’ve thought out the system and have decided to leave certain things out, and by telling me something is not realistic and should be added for no other reason I will ignore you completely. Any other comments, suggestions, and criticism is welcome.

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Here’s the download link for the two videos if you can’t read the youtube text.

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