Dynamic Light limit

Maybe you know, or you were told, but will the limit of dynamic light sources in the frame be removed? Now it’s a limit of 10, will it be removed sometime? Sam seemed to say that he would remove the limit, but there was still a limit of 10 pieces in the frame.

I mean, will the 10-piece limit be lifted when I use dynamic lighting along with shadows, if you remove the shadows then we get 128 pieces, and if I turn on the shadows then I get into the 10-piece limit, will it be mined?

Sam never said there was no limit. 16 shadow casting lights and 128 other lights is already a lot (for a forward renderer).

There’s already an answer in the thread you screenshotted: 15 dynamic lights in screen space limit · Issue #497 · Facepunch/sbox-issues · GitHub

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