Dynamic light??

Is it possible for someone to make either a stool or Sent, that would make dynamic light, preferrably as a stool for it to be adjustable like the normal light tool, like colour, brightness, etc.

Thanks in advance

…The “normal light tool” already creates dynamic lights. Do you mean that you want to be able to change the color or brightness or whatever with the numpad?

does it?? i gues i’m in-observent as fuck… i’ve never noticed it making realtime shadows… meh, i’ll check again in a few minutes…

if that is the case with the light tool you can lock/delete this thread


erm, i just checked, the normal lights don’t cast realtime shadows as the flash light does…

Yah, because they’re omnidirectional. The shadow projection could get… messy. For lights that do the same thing as the flashlight, use the Lamp tool.

Unfortunately lamps lag.

is there anyway to get even a sent that emits dynamic light in every angle?? and it’s a case of I want general light casting shadow instead of a direct beam, and no, i’m not opening up hammer to do it

They lag YOU!
They don’t lag me they did not anymore i got a video card


if you can edit the code of the lamp i thing most things in garries mod are just map entities well alot of them are like props.

well i’m useless at lua, which is WHY i made this request, and lamps lag me too, my laptop isn’t great for dynamic lighting but i’m using it for screenshots and machinima…