Dynamic light

how create physics light in hammer, like in gmod?

light_spot parented to a prop_physics would be my guess.

env_projectedtexture parented to a prop_physics actually, since light_spot is always static.

The lights in gmod (assuming the light tool) is a light_dynamic. The lamp tool is env_projectedtexture like kukiric said.

how i can make like in gmod, i tryed light_dynamic, but it point only in one direction :confused:


env_projectedtexture to

env_projectedtexture, parent it to a physics prop, adjust the settings accordingly.

I think he means an omnidirectional dynamic light.

Yes, for example the physics model variant of a ceiling lamp, with a phys_ballsocket attaching it to the ceiling, parent the env_projectedtexture to the light model.

i dont think is env_projectedtexture becouse in gmod light dont have dynamic shadows.


env_projectedtexture casts dynamic shadows like displayed on the left, a normal light like on the right project shadows of brushes and I think static/dynamic props with the appropiate flags, it’s been a while, but seeing as you done that in GMod and not in Hammer, we can’t tell properly what you’re really going for or trying to say, use the env_projectedtexture in Hammer…

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Don’t aplogise for a big screenshot when it isn’t that big either, well not on my screen it isn’t anyways :v:

Sphinxa did you even read the thread?

i need light like in right and it need to be parented to elevator :|, becouse is to dark



You know when you make a light_spot, it saves the lighting on brushes. Even if you move them.

Yes, myself and a few people have answered his original question…

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