Dynamic light's don't light up brushes! WTF?

I just make some map with the block tool, some light_spots, which work well. Then i put a dynamic light. The dynamic-light lights up ME up when i go where the light IS SUPPOSED TO LIGHT UP, but it doesn’t
light up the floor, the walls or the nearby area. (i want it to) I’m using alien swarm sdk hammer, for an alien swarm map.

light_dynamic right?


If so make sure the no light world flag isn’t checked.

^ this.

When mapping, ALWAYS check for litthe shit like this, because sometimes things you think are serious problems, are just a mistake.

Ew, light_dynamic.

But yeah, do what Firegod said.

Is it just me, or is an env_projectedtexture entity without shadows enabled basically a better light_dynamic?

I thought you could only create one of those ^

You can use multiple env_projectedtexture entities, but only shadowmap can be casted shadows at a given time. (That means two at the same place, and one will copy the another’s shadows)