Dynamic Lockers?

Hi, im matt. (lol)

i need some help, im making a map of my school as some of you may know and i need to make some lockers and chairs and things that wont move! Ive heard that for some reason prop_static wont work but since compiling for me takes 15 hours, i thought id ask the community first. So can i make chairs and lockers with prop_static or will that fail, right now i have some lockers but i dont want them to fall over as soon as i touch them! anyway is there a way to make them stay frozen and unmovable!

If it takes your map 15 hours to compile, you’ve done something seriously wrong. I’d suggest you worry about that problem first before you even consider adding props in the map.


And to answer your question, use a prop_physics, then go to the flags tab and make sure “Motion Disabled” is checked.

thanks both of you, most of my blocks are inside each other, ive fixed that as much as i can but that might cause the compile problem, if you want ill upload the map files if anyone wants to look at it?

MOST of your blocks are inside each other?!


Seriously, you should have at maximum 5-10 brushes interlapping. In general, aim for none. Snap your stuff to grid.

I guess you can PM me the VMF, but there’s likely nothing I can do to fix it, it probably needs a complete rebuild.

ok ive fixed it up, selected a nice grid, selected all, then pressed snap to grid. everything moved slightly. Ive moved many blocks out of each other and made the map much much smaller. i noticed it took also took a lot less time to compile, which is always good.


P.S i think i found it, near the bottom, about 2 hours 15 minutes, is that an ok time?

No, it isn’t. Even the largest maps shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes.

oh. then what shall i do now, i could send you the vmf again, its changed alot


i think the skybox could be a little too high, shall i make it smaller? im confused

Making a box around your map is bad. Try shaping your skybox around your map.

I’m probably going to have the same opinion as last time, remake it from scratch. Trying to fix a clearly broken map is a waste of time that could otherwise be used to create a new better map.

You said you spent 15 hours on the old one and “don’t feel like” starting over. 15 hours is nothing in mapping time, some maps take months and years to build. And most mappers make tons of maps they never release before they get one that’s good.

As for high skyboxes, they don’t usually affect compile times because leaves are only created on the X/Y plane. Though your map had so many small cracks between brushes and overlapping brushes, it’s going to take forever no matter what you do.

^ THIS ^

Is it VVIS that is killing your compile time?

maybe a handy tip if you need to test something do it in an a new save or a test map this way you dont need to wait 15 hours for something that’s probably not going to work

What they don’t say is this is on a GOOD computer.

Not everyone has great PC’s.

This also only applies to properly optimised maps.

Unless if you are compiling the map with really old rig. (5-7 years old)

No, this goes for slow PCs as well. My old Athlon XP 3200+ with 1.5 GB of RAM could compile some of my largest and most complex maps under 30 minutes, though like you said, they’re extremely optimized.

This isn’t 5 years ago, most people have moved beyond old Pentium 4 1.8s and 2.4s and Geforce 6200s. With how cheap computer parts are these days, manufacturers are putting increasingly more powerful CPUs and significantly more RAM in computers than they used to.

Or you could build your own and dictate what goes into it.

well lots of replys, to be honest i dont care about compile times and ive just reached the half way mark for completion, to all you curious people out there, my computer is not 15 years old, i got it last year. and every day i will find a bug and fix it, today, boys and girls toilets, flying! (FIXED) :P. Yesterday Missing floors and unwanted blocks, fixed! my point is it doesnt lag when loaded, takes the normal time to load in gmod, and i can just leave compiling on over night and it always works! Also, how do you close threads. do you just leave them or is there a special button. thanks for all your help


Well if you find a good dynamic locker model, it could work like the resupply lockers do in TF2

oh i like that idea, but how will i pull it off?