Dynamic or baked lightning

Hey, i have a question,

In your opinion, does Facepunch should add a dynamic lightning support instead of a baked lightning ?

Give your opinion in the comments.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Both

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I dont know so I just clicked both, therefore my vote is useless
No need to thank me

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there is dynamic lighting support. you can choose dynamic or baked when compiling your map.


You mean for S&Box or Source 2 in general? Baking lightmaps isn’t my favorite thing to do in Source 2.

source 2 in general

dynamic lighting is lower quality and has much lower fps though

Well, I use 2048 resolution lightmaps, it takes 3 hours to compile and it looks worse than the preview in the Hammer editor. I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be that way or not.

You get higher quality with baked lightmaps, meanwhile dynamic allows you to have changing geometry at runtime. They both have their use cases.

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Each realtime GI solution has its own drawbacks but generally speaking all of them look slightly and perform considerably worse.

One cheap alternative is to bake out lightmaps for different presets (day/night) and switch them around at runtime.


It would be interesting if we could generate lightmaps on server-side during runtime, and then distribute it to connected clients. I can see some performance saving measures you can do with configurable procedural content, especially some director governed content.

source 2 already supports both baked and dynamic lighting, this thread is pointless


If light was dynamic there would be no compile time with VRAD :sweat_smile:

That’s what lamps in Gmod are, and you’ve seen how well they perform :wink:

If those take 3 hours I don’t see that working too well.

SDFGI would be awesome. It looks great and is significantly more performant than raytraced GI for instance.

Like this: https://twitter.com/reduzio/status/1347685461121245186?s=19

source 2 has both types of lighting