Dynamic Player Model Suggestion

**WARNING: Adult - Nudity Censorship is Discussed. **

I love the game of Rust, but ever since I used the infamous command censor.nudity false I noticed something was lacking.
I have an idea to add to the player models genitals that will completely enhance the game-play for the individuals using the nudity feature.

The idea will make it so players are immediately able to tell if another player is on a killing spree, without having to even see the players username.
I speak of the enlargement of the male penis every kill the player receives, the more resources/age of a living enemy player he kills will enlarge his penis even more than a fresh spawn.
I forgot to add, the penis size will reset if the user dies.

Also the same can be applied to the opposite sex if in the full game is released and women or transsexuals are added.

well… i was just expecting a slider to choose the size of your dick or for a woman to choose her boobs

But this… this is just a whole new idea

I slider would also be an amazing idea, the issue though is the penis in the game is very important. If we allow anyone to have any size they want the larger penises would have literally no significance to other players.


maybe we could just send our dicks to the devs and everyone in the game would have a size relevant to their penis size so we can see who is real men and who are not

ps: anyone under the age of 18 will automaticly get the smallest penis

Great ideas, but we don’t want the developers to have to lose money from the younger gamers in the community.
Unfortunately, if there was a process between users and the developers for the penis size we would have to increase the game price or add this as an additional cost.
It wouldn’t be easy for Facepunch to analyze thousands of pictures of penises, though it would be fun.

…well that escalated quickly…

I could also get some concept art online if we get enough support.

i met a hacker once, he had a 14 inch massive dick i asked him how he got it, he told me to eat my cereal

it could be a fee of 5 euro + send a pick and then they will confirm the size, set the size in game and done

I think this would add a lot of variety to the game, women can also do the same with boobs but they don’t have to pay because boobs are awesome and should always be free

Let’s try and keep this a mature and realistic conversation, everything discussed in this thread is serious suggestion/information.

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Not a bad idea, but it also wouldn’t be good to discriminate males.
In order to maintain balance/equality to allow for the highest profits both would have to pay the same fee.

A way around this would be to have the women post their pics on the forum in a thread and a dev mark them when they are done, this way women feel special and men get something from it too

Thanks for helping build up this idea, this would fix the issue I mentioned earlier.
If we could get more feedback I think we’re going to have the perfect suggestion bundled up ready for the developers.

How much growth per kill are we talking about? An inch? A foot? Perhaps a meter?

They should make it so that eventually if you get enough kills as a male you can use your private parts to decapitate your enemies in one hit from insane distances, you’d earn it.

That’s mainly for the developers to figure out, but I was thinking about this:

Fresh Spawned: 0.5cm
Aged Player (Basic Items): 1cm
Full Armored Player (Basic Items): 1.5cm
Full Armored Player (Weapons, C4, etc): 1in + 0.1cm per additional guns/c4

We want the large penises to be rare, and not be able to be large easily.

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The issue for that is then their penis would become even larger easily, we want to keep making it difficult to have a larger penis.
Perhaps reduce the player speed per inch of penis size?

Also we need to see if we can get Nvidia PhysX for the penises for life like flopping.

Guys, stop dicking around

I see what you did there, but this is a serious idea.
It would be the most realistic way to pride yourself and your team of how powerful you are (currently).

Also it would basically put a “bounty” on anyone who is on a killing spree.

I think I have a solution to combat the power of large penises. If we simply give penises their own hitbox that scales with size, then players with larger penises become easier to see and hit with weapons. This should counter the high amounts of fear and melee damage that large members are capable of generating.

WOW! This is perfect, how didn’t I think of this?
If they’re wearing pants a bulge will also be present to allow for the larger hitbox.

Also as I mentioned before the larger your penis we could reduce their speed per inch.