Dynamic Shadow support for Intel HD 4000?

I know I asked about this a while back, but I can’t find any news on it, so does anyone know if it’s yet possible for Intel HD Chipsets to use Orange Box Dynamic shadows?

If the Intel HD 4000 supports it you will be able to use it. Check graphics settings and make sure you are using the latest drivers

I’m not sure if it supports it, which was the thing. MaxofS2D told me a while back that it was some problem with Intel Chipsets not playing nicely with Orange Box, and they weren’t sure if it was fixed.

The hardware support is there but Source refuses to enable the shaders. I actually wonder if they’re somehow going over a SM instruction limit somehow, but I doubt that’s the reason. I’d rather chalk it up to incompetent support of Intel GPUs from Valve

It’s not Intel only though, I had the same problem with my old AMD card.

This can sometimes be fixed by using -dxlevel 98

I think I’ve tried the -dxlevel 98 solution, but it didn’t do anything.

Do you know if there will eventually be attempts to fix this or are they done with this branch of Source?

Valve are most definitely done with Source 1, they working on Source 2 now.