Dynamic Shadows + Garrysmod

Why doesn’t garry’smod have this shit as an option?

Code it in garry.

That’s something Valve would have to do since it’s with the Source engine. People have created alternatives in Lua, but they’re not perfect due to constantly reloading lightmaps. Either way, Garry doesn’t work on Garry’s Mod anymore.

What about lamps in GMod?

It’s litterly a 1 minute fix though. (To be permanent.)

Although coding it in to have an option may take some work.

So make a request with the code/1-minute-fix you have. I see no reason it shouldn’t be looked at if it’s that simple.

Can’t garrysmod use the same lightning system as CSGO?

I’m pretty sure this has been iterated over about 1000 times but, we don’t have access to the newer branches of the Source engine (ie. CSGO) and the repo that we pull the engine from has not been updated in forever, nor does it show signs of being updated. That and I don’t think you can just copy and paste CSGO lighting into our version of the engine.