Dynamic shadows in source?

Is there a way to do this or is it pre-calculated?

Place down an env_projectedtexture

Its the same thing the flashlight uses.


Your video card need to support dynamic shadows, if it does, you need to turn the shadow settings all the way up, in gmod you’ll get dynamic shadows, i’m not sure about css

Only the orangebox engine has dynamic shadows by the way.


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I thought it only had “projected textures” :barf:
I want true dynamic lighting, I wish :C


I want true dynamic lighting.

Was talking about this

I thought it only had env_projectedtexture dident know it had true dynamic shadows.

Erm… env_projectedtexture casts dynamic shadows.

But only env_projectedtexture will cast dynamic shadows.

yeah but I kinda meant true lighting, I wrote my post wrong, I wont even bother explaining what I mean, whatever doesent matter.
Its not true lighting its just projected textures.

No it’s not? It works just as a light would. The texture part is just for projecting textures as dynamic lights, it’s optional.

Its just a ray traced texture being casted onto a surface, its not a volumetric light.


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volumetric ≠ dynamic

What are you talking about man, it’s true lighting (dynamic shadows).
If you point your spotlight on something it’ll cast real time shadows.
And will only work on a ep2 engine like gmod.


I think they all mean Real time global lighting?

Instead of Compiled lighting its all done in real time.

Like what portal 2 will hopefully have.


ask man this

Gonna have to wait for Portal 2’s engine, I think.

Judging from the screenshots they’ve shown though, it seems like it will still have grainy shadows, and they just took the flashlight’s shadows and made any light source able to cast them.

Also, it’s highly unlikely, but it might just be specific to Portal 2 and not any future Source games.

You might be looking for this http://www.moddb.com/mods/city-17-episode-1/news/dynamic-lighting-in-source-blasphemy

I kinda mean global “Dynamic” shadows, They need to scrap baked in shadows and include it in everything, not just flashlights, only then will I even begin to like Source lighting. After that is actual water, not primitive based crap. And also get a better lighting system, current projected texture system is shitty.