Dynamic water/cloth using a DLL?

I don’t know if this is possible, but would there be any way to implement dynamic water and cloth by using a DLL to interface with PhysX? Every time I play Mirror’s Edge and see the cloth, it makes me wish I had that in Garry’s Mod. And then I think about the water. I mean, you can do pretty much anything with a DLL.

Jinto did some cloth stuff using dlls in the ‘What are you working on’ thread.

Talk to him.

Near enough impossible

I disagree.

Looks neat, but why do I have the feeling the cloth is no-collide with props? And I doubt it can be torn. Check out this clip from Mirror’s Edge. Wouldn’t that be awesome in Gmod?

I’m pretty sure PhysX is an open-source library that interfaces with the video card, so I’m sure with some clever hacking it can be used in Gmod.

That is… amazing.

That’s good but they say it lags in gmod 10.
Now for the dynamic water…