Dynamic Water Maps Suggestion

How about making maps dynamic, so that there will be tides, meltwater from snow and rain going into rivers. So the rivers will expand sometimes and destroy houses that are too close? Or just flood them maybe. Players could also get washed away by the current. Or you could build small canals or use pipes that supply your house or your farm with water.

Too complex. I don’t think this is something that could easily be faked, and PCs just aren’t fast enough to handle large-scale dynamic water simulation.

You would´t need to simulate the actual melting. You could simply increase the depth of the water after raining. That will automatically increase the width of the river. And for streams that go to your house, you could use rain pipes that are placed just like buildings are at the moment.

Advanced water physics would be really cool but I don’t see it playing a large enough role in the game to spend so much time on it. Besides that, water is one of the most difficult things to work with in a video game, particularly when it’s running and changing and flooding… There’s just too many variables and moving parts.

It would be cool, but I think it’s just too much.

I just want to swim to a small island and build a base in the middle of a lake so I can pick off all the poor swimming bastards who are trying to raid me :slight_smile:

If the game were running entirely on your local machine, you could manage pretty decent looking fluid dynamics. Where you’d run into problems is that it would be running the calculations server side and having to sync / push the data to all the clients. If you only calculated it on a per-occupied-chunk basis… you’d still be screwed with anything more than a handful of players.

Not on that scale, no. We’ve still got a ways to go before large bodies of water are even remotely feasible. Thus far we’ve got small boxes of liquid, and even *that *is a feat.

Well of course not on a world scale, but that is the advantage that you would get through only having to run it for a single player. You wouldn’t need realistic simulation on a large scale, you could get away with precise calculation in the player occupied chunk and do really rough, general estimates everywhere else.

In order to do that, we’d have to separate the world into discrete chunks - near chunks high res, far chunks low res. First of all, let’s ignore that this is still a huge performance strain.

You still have big technical constraints to deal with. For instance, the best performance in this situation is to perform the simulation on the GPU (which ties this technique to DX11 only at the moment, since Unity’s version of OpenGL does not support compute buffers or volume textures). The CPU isn’t really powerful enough for this technique on a large scale (even with LOD techniques)
Then you have to deal with liquid flowing between chunks. Somehow you have to detect when liquid exits a chunk (a tall order, if this is taking place on the GPU), and inject that liquid into the neighboring chunk at the right place with the proper velocity.
Then there’s the whole thing about fluid simulation.
Fluid simulation is a complex topic, and I doubt anybody at Facepunch could develop such a system (this isn’t to say they aren’t smart enough, just that fluid simulation is a complex topic that is not widely known) within a reasonable amount of time.

In short, I don’t think it’s feasible.

Why fluid simulation? it must be easy to change the fill level of a river right? Higher fill would increase the width of the river automatically.

For flowing water, the water can actually be stationary, but the player model moves like on a conveyor belt. And the speed of the conveyor belt could be altered, so when there is a deep section, the water is slower and when there is a shallow section, the conveyer is faster.

I am not a programer either. So this might be rubbish.

You could I suppose, although that would require careful placement of river geometry and terrain sculpting such that raising the level doesn’t result in the edge of the river poking out of the terrain.

Yeah that would be hilarious : ) Water going everywhere.

It wouldn’t go everywhere. It would just look like the edge of the river stops in midair.