Dynamic water particle system?

Does anyone have a particle like this that i could have? the download link in the video is broken

i only want it to mess around with

I’m bored so I’ll go ahead and see if I can create something similar for you. I need to refresh on the particle editor anyway. No promises, but check back in an hour or two.

EDIT: Make that 30 minutes.


Kay maybe not, can’t get the particle to spawn in game even though it works in the editor (and honestly it was really simple.) I’ll try and figure it out.

This isn’t ‘dynamic’ water, since you cannot fill a bathtub with it. It’s just particles colliding onto objects.

It’s incredibly easy to make.

Most dynamic it’s going to get until ep3

Whatever, still can’t get it to spawn properly. Can’t be assed to keep working on it, apologies, but if you want I can give you the files anyway. They -should- work but it refuses, so it’s probably something really stupid I’m leaving out that you might be able to fix.

If you want to, here: http://www.mediafire.com/?07bszzeg4rd114k[URL=“http://www.mediafire.com/?zhtldgz0k7cc9rd”]

Did you make sure to add the pcf file name to the particle manifest? I forgot to yesterday I spent an hour figuring out why it didn’t work.

The thing in my video is really laggy and buggy. If I get some free time i can make a better version for you.

Yeah, I did. I always add the PCF early on.

Most dynamic it’s going to get for years, unless you use physx, which even then can’t do large-scale true fluid simulations. Pfft, heightfield-based ocean simulations are as good as it’ll ever get.

Okey dokey here. It’s not optimized and is pretty much what Jimmy did in his video, but it works. Bad copy of his map included as well.


He could probably make a better version, so I guess you can just use this to bide your time until he does.

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Fixed it

Portal 2 is still using particles. Look at the particle editor in alienswarm for renderers and render blob.