Dynamic Zombie Plague

The premise: A zombie addon that would realistically model zombie outbreaks and/or be used in gamemodes for added realism.

How it should be done: Any zombie and/or headcrab can infect a humanoid NPC.

  1. When a zombie kills an NPC, its ragdoll is left lying on the floor for an X amount of time (controlled by a slider). This represents its “sleep time”. The ragdoll should be tinted a color to confirm that it is an infected NPC, awaiting to be awaken.

  2. After its “sleep time” the ragdoll gets cleaned up, and a zombie comes out of the ground in its place. The zombie should be the type that infected it. A fast zombie should give birth to a fast zombie etc.

  3. The zombies should have sliders for their health (if you want to make strong/weak zombies).

  4. The plague should be toggle-able.

  5. There should be a reset button that sets all zombies on fire and destroys them all.