Dynamically Animated Zombie Models REQUEST

I could work with regular zombie models, but that would be too boring. While my progress with my gamemode may be going slowly as my life gets becomes more hectic I still have time to write the plot. This game will have a lot of zombies, headcrabs, and essentially every other canonical NPC in the Half-Life 2 game, excluding main characters. One thing I would really love to do is make the zombies more dynamic, change things up a bit. One game I can cite that does this would be Dead Rising. I’ve been playing Dead Rising 3 a lot on my XBOX ONE and observing how the zombies act. Regularly they just stumble around the place, sometimes fighting each other. If you’re spotted they will stumble towards you, but if you make them angry enough they’ll usually run at you. Those zombies also have many more attacks than the Half-Life 2 zombies, and I’d like to work those extra attacks in as well.

That may be a very long pretext, here’s the request. I would like to have regular zombie models that have a list of dynamic animations. They should be able to walk, jog, and run, as well as attack at any time. I would prefer them to be wearing Half-Life citizen’s clothing as well but that’s not as important as the animations. It would be nice if extra types of attack animations were included as well but I can live without that.
There should be an attachment for sticking a headcrab on its head.

I try to go explain with a lot of detail because I do have a very clear idea for what I want, and I want something more than just a ragdoll.

If they look great they’ll also make great models for poses! :v:

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I’m not sure if Left-4-Dead models can be this dynamic, but even if they can, not everyone has them.

no takers?