Dynamically Reload Gamemode with command?

Hey guys,

Im trying to dynamically reload a gamemode with a single command so that I dont have to restart the server everytime I make a change to the server. Any examples?

no can do. gmod has to remake the lua cache for clients to DL and the only way I know to do that is a restart… plus you would have to reconnect anyway to get the new cache

The Lua cache is only regenerated when a file that has clientside code in it changes. If he just changes serverside code the datapack will stay the same.

Yea, im thinking more of the serverside stuff here. I know it can be done, Ive seen it.

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Nothing then ay?

Console command: Gamemode_Reload

Clientside Only: Gamemode_Reload_Cl

Not sure if it works on multiplayer though.

You can’t update the client’s code in a multiplayer game, but you can make changes to the serverside code, or both of them if it is singleplayer.