I have made a new dynamic shadow map which works with Orange Box only. You should only use it with G-Mod because the flashlight won’t get mixed up. The map is sorta dark but that’s not a problem if you have a flashlight or night vision.

Link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=98754




Have fun :slight_smile:

The map consists of two blocky rooms, with a random collection of props and a couple of dynamic lights. What more is there to say.

Well it’s good for machinimas when you’re in a dark room.

And how many people couldn’t do this sort of thing for themselves if they needed it.

Quick question? Is imagination really dead?

Not really…

How could it be a not really. Well maybe performance tests then.

Yeah wow. The demanding brushwork along with it.

I was hoping for some specular lighting.



The lighting is pretty cool, but this can hardly qualify as a releasable map.

I hate my stairs, I should of added a ramp.


Is any one seeing images on the op, if not let me know.

There are images too?

Okay then, weird that I can’t see them.

Well done, you can use env_projectedtexture.

Yeah, I used it a long time ago to. It’s simple entity.


Anyways I was expecting shit like this


That’s a good picture.
And I’ll also make a 3rd one to.

Dude, you can do this in 1 second in garrys mod.


It’s easy.

Please dont

Well, I am gong to anyway. Plus their is gonna be more improvement and maybe HDR. Wait n’ see