Dynamite (problem)

i just watched war of the servers, which was awesome.Anyway i was on singleplayer and i made the ‘war of the servers cannon’.But when i started using the dynamite it exploded once (not that i already know this). Why have we been updated to make sure that we can only use dynamite once? it doesn’t make sense really. Please explain. I wold like to request that we change the dynamite factor to a constant explosion.

Because irl dynamite doesn’t provide infinite uses.

I’m not sure why Garry changed it, but can’t you just use wire explosives?

oh…wire explosives. i really forgot about that. thanks

I’m pretty sure the reason why he changed it is because it’s a well know fact that it’s one of the most abused tools in gmod. Minges are notorious for spawning them all over the spawnpoints and locking up a server.

maybe garry could of made a check box saying infinitie explosions instead of havin to keep putting dynamites on the same spot and server owners can enable or disable the allowance to check the box or not

The best would just be to use Force Dynamite. It has infinite uses, and it dosen’t damage, just push.

And it doesn’t make an explosion sound

Yes it does.

Yeah and Weld to World would be great too!

Some weapon addons replace the explosion sound with ridiculous shit, or mute it completey.