Whenever I explode dynamite, it disapeers. Before, It wouldn’t explode, and I could keep pressing 5 and it would keep exploding. You get the idea, but lately the dynamite always disapears when it explodes. Is it supposed to do that now? If not, how can I fix this? If yes, where can I find the “old dynamite”. Thanks!

Perhaps disable some options in the context menu

That didn’t work.

The New update made dynamite like this to reduce minging.

Hmm… OK. Well, I need the “Minge” Dynamite for a contraption. Can someone make the “minge” dynamite?

Wiremod. Dynamite + Numpad Input. Wire the Numpad Input to the Detonate input on the Dynamite.

I’ve been having the same problem with the dynamite ever since the last update. I saw the statement above and I was quite put-off. Asked the folks over at the official GMod Twitter page, they replied:

“You have to check your options. Dinamite should not disappear after one explosion.”

I’m confused as to what the deal is with the dynamite now. I’ve checked all my options, nothing is working.

I think it might be a console command. Except I doubt they will answer that question.


I’m thinking it’s a console command too, but it’d be nice to know what command to alter.

Yes, I did read your post. I just don’t want to go through a hassle of learning a new mod when I’m content with GMod. No offense meant at all. I just want my dynamite to work the way it used to. :wink:

Nobody said you had to learn it!He told you exacly what to do and I would say its ultra simple!Plus this mod pretty much “learns itself”.Even if your not interested one day your just gonna take a quick look at the tool list, your going to find a interesting sounding tool (like hologram emiter) and start experimenting.

I like that way of explaining Wiremod to new people :stuck_out_tongue: Some people just don’t understand wire sighs

rates “optimistic” because nobody ever really learns it

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Because I learned nearly all of wiremod myself through trial and error - without looking at any tutorials. And I know many more people who have learned it as well.

Okay, so without going too much into a Wiremod love fest, if Wiremod didn’t exist, then where would I be able to reset the dynamite options, if the new updates don’t fix this issue?