Dynasty and Samurai Warriors; Lu Bu and Nobunaga

I was wondering if someone could rip and rig Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors 7 and Nobunaga Oda from Samurai Warriors 3, with their respective default weapons.

If the models are able, I’d like them with Face, Finger, and Eye posing.

Lu Bu;


Nobunaga Oda;


If anyone could do this for me, I’d be really grateful! I’ve wanted a Nobunaga ragdoll for Gmod for a long time now, and a friend of mine is a huge Lu Bu fan, so I was hoping to make him a few pics using Lu Bu. Not to mention Lu Bu is a general badass.

Thanks in advance!

Seconded. Would like to have any or all Samurai Warriors in Gmod.

Completely agreed there. While my opinion might not be shared by many, I believe the Warriors series is one of the best, and it’s a shame that none of their characters have made a debut in Gmod.

I at least hope someone will be kind enough to try and port these two in, or at least one of them.

The tools to rip the models have been ready for a while.

Nice, that’s awesome! Thanks chrrox!

So then…all we need is someone who can rip them using that tool and then rig them.

At least, for the Dynasty Warriors 7 models, that is.

samurai warriors on the wii can be ripped with rigging and all. They are mdl0 models

Nexus told me that too. That’s great news. That means that both models are a possibility, which is freaking awesome.


Bump again.

I’ll wait longer for the next bump.

Don’t mean to be annoying or anything, I just want to see this through. I’ll wait even longer for the next bump.

Its a shame I havent had a rigging class yet, cuz I would be all over this.


What is that thing on his head?

On Lu Bu?
Guess what?
He is a Dragon-Chicken-Demon!

I’d love to see all the Samurai Warriors 3 characters. I tried porting them a while ago but nobody could rig them.

Were you actually successful in porting them, Adenn? Because if so and you still have them, someone might be able to use them.

No, I couldn’t get the textures to work even when I tried ripping from SW2 PC. Unfortunately I don’t have them anymore.

If anyone could get any of the models and post them here, that would be a big help in itself.