Dynimite Problem (Sorry if misspelled)

Hey everyone I have a problem in Garrys Mod.

When I spawn dynimite everything goes fine until it explodes there is no exploding sound at all and after it explodes once it disapears, the no explosion sound glitch happens with every other explosive prop (Not entity) that I have.


Post specs.

The dynamite disappears after explosion due to an update on garry’s mod. Only way I know to get round this is to go to garrysmod.org and you can get an addon which allows you to use dynamite without it disappearing, just search dynamite

Specs? Sorry I dunno what that is (I am stupid)

Your computers inner information. Your CPU (Processor) and GPU (Graphics Card) and System RAM.
You can check your specs from here: Start -> Run -> Type: dxdiag -> Press enter and you see most of your computers info.

Ok thanks well that cant be the problem because it just started happening two days ago

I so vastly prefer dynamite staying after it explodes.