Dystopia Sweps

Hi all.
I recently got Dystopia, and find that I love the sweps.
I found an addon pack from Garrysmod.org.
But when I click download it says “error.”
This is the addon; http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=36868

Does anyone know a place where I can find some working Dystopia sweps?


Garrysmod.com now requires the use of a BitTorrent client to download files over 1mb large.
Don’t worry it’s really easy! :eng101:
A good one isµTorrent.

Yeah, I recommend uTorrent.

no µ.
Silliness aside, he’s talking about the fact that when you hit ‘download’ you get shown a white page with the word ‘Error.’ on it.
Try complaining here.

Whatever, I dont like upside down H’s.