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Dystopia est une communauté crée en novembre 2020 basé sur du Role-Play S&BOX . Nous te proposerons des projets historiques, fantastiques voir même futuristes avec un contenu de qualité ! Des projets recherché, réfléchi et travaillé afin de donner aux joueurs une expérience de jeu plaisante pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Nous y sommes enfin après des mois d’attente, une clé est entre nos mains , nos idées vont pouvoir être mises en place physiquement très prochainement, et vous pourrez le voir dans nos dev-log (Discord). L’équipe de Dystopia vous propose donc un premier projet sous forme de “MMORP” , de nombreuses quêtes, items, système à gestion de personnage unique et complet. Vous pourrez retrouver une évolution constante de l’environnement, constituant un ajout fréquent de nouveau objet, arme mais aussi cosmétique et design vous permettant d’avoir un jeu unique . Le role-play ne sera en aucun cas mis de coté et sera en majeur partie du contenue (Interact-Joueur), un mélange entre game-play et role-play ce voulant indispensable pour la suite de l’évolution de votre unique personnage . L’univers utilisé est baser sur The 100 (Post-Apocalypse), une histoire ou l’homme revient à un âge de “pierre”, inspiré de la culture viking. Entre affrontement de clan, traité de paix et trahison. Ce qui donne un plateau de jeu assez intéressant en plus de notre gameplay ce voulant en coalition avec celui-ci. En aucun cas la connaissance de cet univers est important , voyez plus ça comme une découverte d’un ancien monde en reconstruction, ou les grandes villes sont rasées par des grandes forêts de sapin suite à une apocalypse nucléaire.

Nous recrutons par la même occasion des développeurs ou membres souhaitant apprendre le développement. L’objectif est d’évoluer ensemble et de proposer un contenue de qualité. Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par ce poste, merci de nous le faire savoir en message privé Discord.

Dystopia is a community created in November 2020 based on Role-Play S&BOX . We will offer you historical, fantastic and even futuristic projects with quality content! Projects that are researched, thought out and worked on in order to give players a pleasant gaming experience for our greatest pleasure.

We are finally there after months of waiting, a key is in our hands, our ideas will be able to be physically implemented very soon, and you will be able to see it in our dev-log (Discord). The team of Dystopia proposes a first project in the form of "MMORP " , many quests, items, unique and complete character management system. You will be able to find a constant evolution of the environment, constituting a frequent addition of new object, weapon but also cosmetic and design allowing you to have a unique game. The role-play will not be put aside and will be in major part of the content (Interact-Player), a mixture between game-play and role-play which will be essential for the continuation of the evolution of your unique character. The universe used is based on The 100 (Post-Apocalypse), a story where man returns to a “stone age”, inspired by the Viking culture. Between clan confrontation, peace treaty and betrayal. This gives a rather interesting game board in addition to our gameplay wanting to be in coalition with it. In any case the knowledge of this universe is important, see it more as a discovery of an old world in reconstruction, where the big cities are razed by big forests of fir trees following a nuclear apocalypse.

We are also recruiting developers or members wishing to learn development. The goal is to evolve together and to propose a quality content. If you are interested in this position, please let us know in private message Discord.

  • Discord : Link in the French Version
  • Twitter : c_dystopia
    (For more information contact us via our discord)

I don’t understand French


I’m intrigued by the concept, but let’s just say I’m not impressed by the fact that you didn’t even bother to have an English version, not to mention the fact that, from a quick glance at the discord and Twitter, you have nothing to show or even previous projects.

Really what’s the point of separating the community into english and french when the game is not even out for the public.

google translator is very good.
The information that is written in the post makes it clear that they really want to make the project incredibly large. But all your ambitions will simply collapse as soon as you are faced with a cruel reality. In order to implement such a project, it takes a huge amount of time at least a year. And also a large amount of money, and no one gives a guarantee that this project will be successful. It is better to start small and get a response from the audience before making such statements, in the end it will turn out as usual, a barrage of criticism and collapsed expectations.

I can confirm there are even several spelling and grammar mistakes in the French part. No effort even if the explanation tries to sell us a dream. :roll_eyes:

As much as this is still very early stages, very ambitious, and the whole language thing making things complicated from what I see in the comments here. I do very much like this idea, I only hope that even if this doesn’t take off; that yous can at least learn a lot more with the S&Box tools/code.

And while I can’t deny the reality that this seems like yet another giant project that may not be able to fully take off, the fact that yous are at least having a go at it despite the heavy critisicm here is admirable. Otherwise if things seem too stressful or strenuos then there’s nothing wrong with leaving it for a bit and taking a break or working on smaller things before tackling this project, as from what I’ve read this seems like a passion project yous hope to have everyone experience. And I can respect that greatly, I hope for the best on this endeavor of yours. :slight_smile:

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I thank you for your constructive criticism and tips. I understand that this project is rather big for a start, but we are in the process of learning as we go along, the usefulness of tools and such.

The goal is to evolve all together, we are motivated, and we are aware that it will take time, but no matter, we do this project primarily for us and the development of knowledge.

[My English is not very good, sorry.]

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