Dystopian city Roleplay

Hi, I started trying to make an edited CakeG2, but with around 0% lua skill I gave up.

Im requesting a Gamemode, hopefully along the ‘sandbox’ roleplay type.
Or if someone could edit Cake or Taco with the few features (if not already) included that would be great too!

In player menu: (like Cake or Taco - a player menu for them to interact with containing:)
Ability to edit your title ‘on the fly’ or some kind of editable ‘status’ to display
Display your name and status like in tacoscript
Job/Flag system
Inventory system
Money system / trade system
Lockdown system (msg displayed and siren sounds)

A specific flag (Refugee - which is my starter class) that you cannot change unless given permission (like a system that tags you and grants you the ability to change) after a specific action, like being granted citizenship RPly.

Weapons for ‘Respected’ players and up

No universal buy menu whatsoever - its RP afterall

Like 1984?

Something along those lines, with a more Children of Men feel… (without the baby theme)

Ah I see well Cake is incredibly simple to code.

If it is RP after all, then why can only respected users and up use weapons. Is this to keep people from “RDMing.” Something I’ve never understood because some murderers don’t have reasons for killing but do it anyway.