E. 149 Patrol

Uncreative Title… Because I can’t think of a good one.

Tried to make some Next Gen Helmet cam looking thing…


I made one with more names and stuff as well http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50169265/FPS%20STYLE%20MOAR%20DETAIL.jpg

Original http://dl.dropbox.com/u/50169265/de_desert_atrocity_v30036.jpg

If this was made as a game I’d really buy it.

EDIT: Ooh shit never mind, didn’t know I’d get a flood of disagrees.

There’s far far too much going on on the hud. Should be out of your way, not distracting. Also not sure why the weapon is in direct view and eye level.

None of the other people are threatening and seem like friendlies.

Was originally supposed to be a FPS Game style pose, But then after I snapped the picture I decided to change it to a clusterfuck next gen hud style thing. I guess I slacked off and didn’t go back and lower his weapon… But for now the excuse will be… uuh The safety’s on and he’s testing out his sights… dunno.

Why are they all wearing different camo

that kinda ruins the point of camo

P. visually appealing, but it looks like he’s pressing the side of the gun on his face. Also spread out some shit more, it’s too clustered and fucks with your depth perception.

lol “snake spook”