E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Models?

Has anyone attempted to decompile the models for this game

Wow these look very good. Looking forward to see these ingame.

Hey, just a heads-up. That’s a painting.

But, they are being worked on as far as i know.

Took a glance on one of the character models
They decompile fine, likewise essentially the skeleton needs is replace




As far as I can see, the models incorporate all animations from the get go - which is somewhat stupid imho, would be better with includes.
And the model I had had a billion bodygroups which feel unnecessary for posing as far as I can say. Just weapons and holsters.

Actually if you just copy and paste the materials/models folders into an addon folder in Gmod, you can play about with them. However, the skeletons on the models are HORRIFIC, and they’ve got no fingerposing. You can still play about with the weapons, though, and you can even play on the maps - except the lighting’s all off. Still, it’s better than nothing.

the skeletons on the models from what I’ve seen are completely fine - they use the valve biped just renamed and increase in size.
If you rename the skeleton you can easily transfer a better physics file from a different model. and fingerposing works.

There’s very little poseable about them (the feet on the EYE Heavy are particularly atrocious) - how are you finger posing them? Are you using the models found in the “player” folder or in the individual faction folders? My poser’s not even picking up anything TO pose.

That’s because the bones aren’t named correctly. Like I’ve said you have to decompile and recompile them, changing their respective bone names.
They are the valve Biped with a different pre-text.

and I don’t have the game yet (steam’s a bitch) so I’ve only had one model to work with - that was models\eye\something.mdl (not sure which one it is from memory)

This game has some really bad ass models! I’d like to grab a few, but I haven’t any money to spare on the game.

Yeahh i know, but eventually someone makes this stuff.