E1M7: Computer station

Just a little project I started about a week ago. If you don’t recognize it, it’s level 7 (My personal favorite) from Doom.
I’ve ported the textures over manually using XWE, and used XWE’s level editor as a scale reference, so it’s a perfect 1:1 recreation.

It’s fullbright right now, but I have an idea to emulate the lighting Doom used.

This is just the incredibly basic version, that I’ll release in GMOD for nostalga purposes. Then, I’m going to use the layout and turn it into a CP map for Team Fortress 2. Once I’m finished, it’ll look something like this:

Why is everybody remaking these shitty DooM maps? I mean, they were great back in '93 but in Source it’s worthless, not matter how nostalgic you may get.

Remake the Unreal 1 maps and I’ll love you forever.


Can’t say you did a bad job though, feels exactly like the original. :v:

My only beef is that you made it fullbright. Make some texlights and use them to light the map.

I remember this map XD. Nice job too. Are you going to do any other maps based off of other games? I would love to see a Halo 3 Valhalla remake for GMod or CS:S.

Because that would be just as easy as making a Doom port.

So it’s suppose to look like shit?

the doom maps are not shitty only people who never played doom or don’t like it think there crap it would be awsome for tf2 also unreal 1 is crap!!!

btw good job making this map you got my download once it’s done

Remaking the map is fine, but more detail could be added into them. The source engine is fairly powerful and is wasted on ports like this.

Also unreal 1 was the best story driven game that epic made. I loved that game.

Your mom is.

Hurr hurr :downs:

how is it ‘wasted’

it’s a map

and i love it

At least when i was doing the post of the trench i was upping the textures and environmentals. This just copies the map over. If you wanted to play doom, then go and play doom.

Let me clear up a couple of things. It’s fullbright at the moment, gonna fix that.

And, once I’m done, like I said in the OP, I’m updating the map with all the textures and models from TF2 as a CP map. Just using this as a base really. This version is for nostalga, but not how the finished map will look.

I’ve whipped up a quick room in TF2 to show you how it’s going to look once I’m done the Doom textured layout. It’s in the OP.

There’s been this argument before, why does it have to matter what a map is or should be. It really doesn’t mean anything. This map is SUPPOSED to be a copy.

Doom for the win! I hope you release something soon!

Love it when people do effort to recreate levels from old games for old times sake :slight_smile:

Looks very accurate, i think you should keep it fullbright though.
Also get out you stupid kids, go play Halo and stop bashing the greatest FPS game in history.

That is a misinformed statement. Because i don’t think that maps should be ported from a very old game to a new engine without improvements, this makes me someone that plays halo.

If you had seen any of my posts on the subject, you would know that i see halo as the biggest waste of money on earth.

I suggest that you go and play doom again. It wasn’t exactly complete fullbright.

Source lighting would make it look way off.

Wow, i even manage to troll people when i’m not trying.

Meh…it makes you look even more like your stereotypes.

Some people are finding great satisfaction in recreating maps from classic games. Doom was the bomb.

Looks like you are the stereotype here, whining just te be heard.